Reasons Why Hydro Mulching Is Beneficial To Your Lawn

Hydro mulch, also known as hydroseed, refers to a composition of fertilizer, water, lime, seeds and fibre. This mixture is blended into a smooth consistency within a tank. Once blended, it is then sprayed onto your yard to create a protective layer. Without hydro mulching, your newly planted lawn is not secure from the effects of soil erosion, excessive exposure to the sun and risk of being blown away by the wind. In addition to this, the process of hydro mulching is done to provide a soaking layer for your grass seeds before they germinate. Over time, this hydro mulch decomposes, thus adding nutrition into your soil. This works toward promoting the healthy growth of grass. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for hyrdro mulching if you are looking for a seeding procedure for your grass.

It is time and labour effective

The process of hydro mulching is quite short and convenient. For one, the mulch is typically sprayed onto your lawn straight from the mixing tank. This application method ensures full coverage of your yard with minimal exertion needed to complete the task. In addition, it is also convenient for sloping landscapes and hilly areas, as it is being sprayed on rather than being applied by hand.

You can be guaranteed of growth

Hydro mulching usually takes into account several factors to ensure that you are using seeds that will be best suited for your home. Some of the factors considered include the overall climate, the frequency of irrigation, the type of soil in your yard and more. Thus, you get the chance of having the seeds customized for your specific needs, which greatly minimises the chances of rejection. You also get the chance to opt for different types of seeds for different areas of your yard ranging from crown vetch to wildflowers. The increased moisture retention in hydro mulch enhances the germination rates of the grass so you do not have to worry about some seeds not growing while the others thrive.

You can use any fertilizer

Generally when looking to buy fertilizer for your yard, you have to consider the application methods as they suit you. For instance, some people would rather buy granular fertilizer, as it is less messy, whereas other homeowners may want liquid fertilizer for quicker penetration. When you opt for hydro mulching, you do not have to worry about the application method, as it is blended together in the tank before being sprayed onto your yard.