How to Identify Genuine Spare Parts

It has been noted for years that cooling tower mechanical services require skilled personnel and at the same time the use of genuine parts that meet the international standards. Only authorized parts manufactured to meet rigorous cooling tower duty specifications can guarantee to fit any unit like the original equipment. Identifying genuine spare parts can be stressful for those who are doing it for the first time, bearing in mind the number of devices that have flooded the market over the years.

Look at the Source

The first step to identifying genuine spare parts for cooling tower management services is to look at the source and manufacturer of the spare parts. Most manufacturers have extensive test and inspection processes aimed at making sure that they meet the minimum specifications set out. Qualifications of technicians and the technology involved in the entire manufacturing process is also important because it determines the outcome. Genuine spare parts are always subjected to most advance measuring instruments and those that do not meet the threshold are not released into the market.

Read the Inspection and Testing Report

Genuine spare parts are always accompanied with a detailed inspection report from certified technicians. Providers of cooling tower management services have a duty to make sure that they go through these reports before they settle on which parts to use. The purpose of these valuable reports is to make sure that they provide accurate state of the spare parts being purchased and at the same time give a comprehensive advice on action required in the event of future improvements. Performance and integrity is guaranteed only when the product has been tested and proven before being put to use. Cooling tower mechanical services can make the plant effective only if genuine spare parts are used.

After Sale Services by the Manufacturer

Customer satisfaction should be a priority whenever a seller and a buyer meet and perform transactions, and as a result of that, after sale services provided by the manufacturer can serve as a clue on whether spare parts sold are genuine or not. The customer care unit of any manufacturer should be able to handle any question that arises from the sale of spare parts meant for a cooling tower. Cooling tower management services are aimed at improving the status of the plant and after sale services from genuine spare part sellers should be geared towards ensuring that they serve the purpose.