There’s A Storm Coming: Do You Know How To Remove Your Shade Sail?

Stunning beaches, laid-back lifestyle and fun theme parks are just three reasons why Queensland has a population growth that is higher than the average for the rest of the country. If you've recently moved to the area, you might need a quick lesson in summer storms. Queensland does experience some volatile weather over the summer, and one important thing you need to know straight away is how to remove your shade sails when very bad weather is approaching.

Why Do Shade Sails Need To Be Removed In Bad Weather?

If your shade sail isn't at its correct tension, and they do need to be tightened after a few months due to movement in the wind, a strong summer storm wind could rip the sail free from its anchor points. When this happens, it makes the sail a heavy flying object that could do some damage.

Alternatively, if only one part of the sail comes loose, you could end up with considerable damage to the sail itself, and that means you'll need to replace it once the skies are blue again.

When Should A Shade Sail Be Removed?

If storm winds are predicted to reach that of a category one tropical cyclone or above, which is more than 90 km/h, then you should take down your shade sails for safety. The sail should be removed before the storm arrives, because once the wind gusts start to pick up it is too dangerous to try and take it down yourself. Additionally, try and take the sail down before the rain arrives, so you are not trying to move about on a wet, slippery roof.

How Do You Take A Shade Sail Down?

Each corner point of your shade sail is attached to its post with a turnbuckle. Place a screwdriver through the turnbuckle and unwind it to a halfway point. Go to each of the other turnbuckles and unwind these to a halfway point as well.

Now there is no tension on the shade sail, return to the first turnbuckle you loosened and unwind it the whole way. You can then unwind each of the other turnbuckles and remove the safety clips that secure the sail to the pole. Fold up the sail with all of its hardware and store it inside.

If removing the shade sail is not something you are physically able to do, then arrange for a professional shade sail installer to come out to take care of this task for you.

Removing your shade sails during the most violent summer storms will help to make sure they are still in one piece for years to come. This means you'll still get the shade your family needs when the storms are gone and the sun is back.