Laws governing management of weeds affecting bushes on your land

When weeds infest your land and affect the spread of natural bush cover, there is a need for immediate intervention. Weeds hinder the development of the bushes by competing for the nutrient and water resources in the soil. Some of them have faster reproduction rates than the bush; hence, they encroach the area covered by the bush and cause the death of various species. Given the importance of weed management, the government, and local authorities have come up with various laws to govern the regeneration of bushes. If you are a land owner facing the threat of depleting bush cover, here are a few legislations you should know before commencing work with your bush regenerator:

It is your obligation to manage weeds

As a land owner, the law provides that the duty to manage weeds lies on you, not other parties. However, the law allows the transfer of that obligation to another party such as a registered firm of bush regenerators. In such a case, there has to be legal documentation expressing the agreement between you, in the capacity of a land owner, and the weed management institution. Failure to comply with the requirement to manage weeds makes you liable for trespass in case the weeds spread from your land to another person's land.

Potential and declared weeds

Declared weeds are those listed and recognized by law as plants that endanger bush cover. You may not be aware of all the species but your bush regenerator has adequate information on the declared species. After identification of the weed, you can proceed with bush regeneration strategies to eliminate the weed. Moreover, the species of weed are also classified differently based on the effects they have on the environment, livestock, and wildlife. Therefore, the regulations may be weed specific depending on the class the weed belongs to. Potential weeds are any plants that seem to threaten the existence of other plants. They are subject to investigation before undertaking management practices.

Authorisation of weed control officers

Regenerating your bush has to be carried out by certified officers recognised and licensed by local or state authorities. In some cases, they may be state officers employed by the government department of environment. They have the authority to enter land or stop a boat, aircraft, or vehicle carrying material believed to be contaminated or affected by a weed. In addition, they may order the cleaning of such a vehicle, boat, or aircraft to get rid of the threat.

Applicable legal penalties 

Failure to comply with the requirement of state and local government laws may lead to fines deemed fit by the court. There is a limit of the maximum and minimum amount of fine payable in the courts in the case of litigation. The amount you pay for a breach of the law will fall within the stated range depending on the extent of damages resulting from your failure to comply.