When you shouldn’t pump your septic tank out

Pumping out your septic tank is something that should be performed at least every third year to make sure your septic system is working at top performance. If you wait too long to perform a septic tank pump out, the tank might become too full and start releasing waste back up the plumbing. However, there are times and circumstances when you should not pump out your septic tank, regardless of how long it has been since you've done it. Read More 

2 Common Questions About Children And Sun Exposure

Allowing children to get some sun every once in a while is not a bad thing. Exposure to the sun provides Vitamin D, which is essential for the healthy development of children's bones. However, excessive exposure to sunlight during the formative years of a child's life may be hazardous in the sense that it may encourage the development of various skin cancers in the child's later years. This article provides answers to two common questions about children and sun exposure with pre-school managers in mind. Read More 

Misconceptions about Cleaning and Pumping Septic Tanks

When it comes to proper care, maintenance and pumping of septic tanks, there are a lot of misconceptions. In order to ensure your septic tank stays clean and lasts for years to come, there are certain processes you must follow. Here are some of the common misconceptions and ways to properly handle your tank. Pumping and Cleaning Schedule Many people mistakenly believe that if they pump their tank frequently they will save money by making the tank last longer. Read More 

Signs That You Have a Mold Problem in Your Home

The quality of air within your home is important because it has the ability to impact your overall health. Mold can begin growing in your home and compromise the air quality because it is possible for mold to be toxic. The most common type of toxic mold that can grow inside your home is known as black mold. It is essential for you to be aware of signs that mold is growing in your home so that you can prevent lung conditions and allergies associated with exposure to poor air quality caused by mold growth. Read More 

Top 4 Questions to Ask when Hiring Earthmoving Contractors

If you have plans to hire an earthmoving service in your backyard, you need to ensure you are hiring the right person for the job. This is why it is essential you ask the right question. Four questions that will help you make an educated decision about who to hire can be found here. Does the company have experience with similar jobs? It can be reassuring to know that this will not be the first time the contractor has operated an earthmoving machine in a residential, backyard area, or the first time they have dug a dam. Read More