Four Questions that Help You Choose the Right Skip Bin

You may think that ordering a skip bin is easy with just a few simple choices. It can be easy, but it can also be confusing if you don't know what questions to ask to ensure you get the right one. Before you just hire what you think you need, consider the four basic questions that can take the confusion out of the process. 

What sizes are available?

When you ask about the sizes, generally a skip bin hire company will not only tell you the sizes they will explain what each size will hold. For example, if you need the skip bin for a remodelling project you can let them know that you have a three-bedroom house of debris to remove. They can let you know which sizes will accommodate that amount of debris. If they only give you the sizes, ask them to clarify what those sizes accommodate or tell them about your needs to determine which size is best.

What type of access options are available?

Some skip bins will have access points on top of the bin while others will have side doors in addition to the access points. If you will be tossing debris into the bin yourself, you may want to have side access panels. If the bin will be used by a contractor or if it will be used for roof debris and yard debris, then you may want to have a top loading access. If the project you have is for a mixture of both small and large debris, then having both access options is ideal.

Can hazardous waste be put in the skip bin?

If you will have hazardous materials like chemicals, certain automotive oils, and other items you will need to find out if they can be placed in the skip bin. Some companies may allow you to do this for certain items while others may require hiring a skip bin specifically for hazardous waste. The company will also help you determine what they consider hazardous and how to properly dispose of the items.

What items are restricted?

There is a misconception that the only items restricted by skip bin hires are hazardous chemicals and some waste. The truth is, some companies restrict other items like certain cements and construction related products like brick and certain timbers. Before you hire the skip bin, ask them what items are restricted and have them give you a printed list. If you are using a contractor, give them a copy of the list as well to ensure no restricted items are in the bin.

These questions will help you narrow down the size, type, and most ideal skip bin for your project needs. If you have specific project concerns regarding skip bin hire, consider asking local companies like Magic Bins and describing the issue. They can help you with a solution and set up a delivery date and time for the bin.