Useful Tips to Remember When Using a Fire Extinguisher

When you know how to properly use a fire extinguisher, it can save people's lives as well as their belongings. You can stop a small fire completely or help to recede a significant fire enough, so that huge amount of damage has not been caused by the time the fire brigade has arrived. All houses should be equipped with multiple fire extinguishers in case of an emergency.

There is no point having extinguishers in your home if you and your family do not know how to use them. In the time of an emergency, you won't have time to read the instructions; you must know what you are doing. To be better prepared for future incidents, here are some tips that will help you when it comes to dealing with fire extinguishers.

Choose the right model for your specific needs

There are a few different types of fire extinguisher to choose form, so you need to make your decision carefully. Make sure that it contains a proper seal that has been approved by a legitimate testing facility, so you know that it has been tested. Make sure that it says what fires it can and cannot be used on.

There are three common types of fires. Each of them has a corresponding symbol, which will be located on the actual label if the extinguisher can be used for that fire.

  • Class A fires involve normal items such as cloth, wood, paper and different types of plastic.
  • Class B fires involve liquids that are flammable such as grease, oil and gas.
  • Class C fires involve electrical equipment such as fuse boxes, wires, appliances and machinery.

Depending on which fires you think will occur, select a fire extinguisher from one of these three categories. 

Install the extinguisher and properly maintain it

You should always install the extinguishers in a position that is in plain view, while being out of reach from children. You want them in areas that you will be able to easily access in case of a fire, such as near an escape route, making sure to keep them about form the cooker and other heating appliances.

The extinguishers will need to be properly maintained on a regular basis. The extinguisher will come with an owner's manual which will go into great detail as to how you can carry out this maintenance. Make sure that you replace a disposable fire extinguisher if you use it.